Investor Relations

Welcome to Finablr's Investor Relations page. This section provides timely and transparent corporate and financial information and disclosures.

Finablr Overview

Finablr is a global platform for cross-border payments, consumer foreign exchange solutions and B2B payment technology solutions. Through a combination of modern proprietary technology, deep regulatory know-how, global distribution capabilities and a relentless focus on innovation, we make payments simple, seamless and secure.

At Finablr, we serve a diverse base of customers, be it the digitally-savvy global nomad, the financially excluded or some of the largest global technology companies. Our omni-channel proposition allows us to serve our customers the way they want to be served.

Built on four decades of trust, the Finablr platform serves over 25 million consumers and over 1500 corporate and institutional partners. With its global network reach spanning 170+ countries, Finablr is regulated by over 100 regulators worldwide. Collectively, the Finablr network processed more than 150 million transactions, managing c.$115 billion in volumes for our customers in 2018.

Finablr by the Numbers






Transactions processed in 2018


Volumes managed in 2018


Retail Customers


Corporate and institutional partners


Global network reach


Regulatory Relationships


*Group Adjusted Income and Group Adjusted EBITDA for the year ended 31 December 2018.


Power of the Platform

Our capability spans across the payments and foreign exchange value chain, from origination and processing to last-mile distribution and is attuned to market and regulatory nuances. At the heart of this capability is our platform, supporting the omni-channel strategy, underpinned by proprietary technology and best-in-class operating capabilities spanning payments processing, compliance and pricing with connectivity to global payment networks and ecosystem partners. This integrated platform powering our business segments creates significant economies and efficiencies of scale. With technology at its core, the flexibility of the platform allows for highly modular provisioning of services, making Finablr a partner-of-choice for leading global banks, financial institutions, retailers, mobile wallet providers and payment & technology companies.

Finablr Brands

Finablr Business Segments

  • Cross-Border Payments & Consumer Solutions – We offer the convenience and simplicity of moving money globally, through a full-suite of cross border payment solutions. Our integrated operating capabilities allow us to cater to customer preferences across digital and physical channels, diverse pay-in and pay-out modes, or purposes ranging from peer-to-peer payments supporting individual needs to large investment flows or corporate payments. Additionally, we engage with our customers through an ecosystem of consumer solutions comprising payroll processing, mobile wallets, bill payments, digital gifting and consumer advances amongst others.
  • Consumer Foreign Exchange Solutions – In a world of increasing mobility, we fulfil the needs of global travellers and digital nomads with a broad spectrum of foreign exchange solutions. Through multiple channels spanning ATMs, online portals, mobile applications and stores, we cater to the varied preferences of our customers facilitating secure and convenient transactions. Key offerings in the segment include purchase and sale of foreign currency, issuance of prepaid travel cards and value added services such as VAT refund services.
  • B2B & Payment Technology Solutions – Over the past 40 years, we have developed robust payments and foreign exchange capabilities backed by a scalable technology platform, broad and diversified distribution network and operating licenses in key markets. These capabilities coupled with the economies and efficiencies of scale of the platform, have helped us build longstanding relationships with leading banks, financial institutions, retailers, mobile wallet providers and payment & technology companies. We offer a combination of technology, licensing and distribution capabilities enabling businesses to provide a wide range of services spanning cross-border payments, foreign exchange, stored value platforms, digital gifting and acquiring services to their customers. Our value proposition comes from the ability to simplify payments and provide a holistic out-of-the-box solution to our customers, so that they are able to focus on their core competencies, reduce their time-to-market, effort and costs, and not worry about managing the challenges of the underlying payments.

Finablr Management

Finablr is borne out of our founder’s, Dr. B.R. Shetty, vision for universal financial enablement and empowerment. Our success is greatly owed to his leadership which has been pivotal in driving our growth and expansion. The Finablr management team continues to stay true to Dr. Shetty’s vision and works towards bringing it to life, by consistently demonstrating a growth-oriented and innovative mindset that has been central to our success.

With decades of in-depth experience in the financial services industry and a proven track record of building global businesses, our management team has delivered superior and consistent operational and financial performance. The foresight of our management has been a key catalyst for our early investments in technology and in creating new business models and products, thus facilitating seamless experiences which is a source of competitive advantage. Additionally, the extensive experience of the management team has enabled Finablr to create goodwill and build strong relationships with key industry ecosystem partners including regulators, customers and partners while nurturing a reputation for innovation in the industry. Working in a collaborative fashion in line with our open and entrepreneurial culture, the management team is well positioned to advance the interests of our customers, employees and shareholders.